• The Influence of the Agricultural Cluster to Woodford County's Economy

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    Press Conference / April 25, 2017

  • Woodford Forward Hires New CEO

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  • Urban Sprawl to Urban Stay: Walkable Housing is Making a Comeback

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  • Woodford Forward Midway City Council Forum

  • WATCH The Versailles City Council Candidate Forum



    A Panel Discussion On Urban Development in the Bluegrass

    WHAT IS IT: This forum provides an opportunity for citizens and local officials to see and hear presentations
    from a panel of experts in urban planning and placemaking.

    You can also watch the video HERE.


  • Versailles Pavilion and Market Plaza

    Concept, Feasibility, and Preliminary Design (subject to final approval)

    The Versailles Pavilion and Market Plaza Feasibility Study represents Versailles’ care and concern for the downtown. The shared experience of creating a vision for the pavilion and plaza has fostered a sense of community, pride, and ownership that will help the park be maintained and stewarded for years to come.

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  • 2014 Kentucky Thoroughbred Horse Farm Compensation and Benefits Survey

    We are pleased to provide you with the summary results of our December 2014 survey. This survey focuses on
    compensation and benefits currently provided by KY thoroughbred horse farms. We hope that these compiled
    results will be a helpful tool for you to use in conducting your business throughout the year.

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  • Urban Service Area Expansion: It’s worth another look.

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    Woodford Forward is a group of citizens and business owners that advocate for innovative policies that promote the highest and best use of urban land and the agricultural use of productive farmland throughout Woodford County.


    By working with government officials and the community, Woodford Forward provides land use advocacy for innovative development and redevelopment of our urban areas; adequate infrastructure for citizens and businesses; and the agricultural use of productive farmland throughout Woodford County. Through these efforts, we will promote the link between quality of life and economic development.


    • Innovative development and redevelopment
of urban land

    • Adequate infrastructure

    • Productive farmland conservation