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  • 2010 Entran Northwest Versailles Mobility Study-Final Report

    September 15, 2015
  • The Northwest Versailles Mobility Study was conducted for the City of Versailles through funding by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. The study was undertaken in response to concerns about peak hour traffic congestion in Versailles, particularly downtown, and its impacts on businesses, residents, the environment, and the overall quality of life for people who live and work in Versailles and Woodford County.

    Quality of life is highly valued in this community, where natural beauty, historic structures and a comfortable smalltown feeling make this an attractive place to live and work. Growth, however, has created challenges, particularly with respect to transportation, that must be resolved if this high quality of life is to be maintained. The focus of this study, therefore, was on developing strategies to improve mobility in the northwest part of Versailles, which included the downtown area. By improving mobility, these transportation issues can be resolved or mitigated and this high quality of life preserved.

    Key Issues

    Several key issues impact mobility in this area and were addressed during the study. These issues involve both causative factors of congestion and the ability to address those factors. Identified key issues were:

    • Lack of connectivity in the northwest area of Versailles
    • Regional growth that will increase external travel into, out of, and through Woodford County
    • Placing a focus on mobility (the ability to move people and goods) and not on solely increasing transportation system capacity
    • Creating community-based solutions through consensus-building

    Study Goals and Objectives

    Study goals and objectives were created for the development and evaluation of candidate mobility solutions. Goals are generalized statements that articulate a community’s needs and give direction and focus to the decision-making process. Objectives are specific statements which grow out of general goals. The goals and
    objectives are:

    Goal 1. Improve multimodal mobility within the community
    Objective 1.1 Reduce travel times
    Objective 1.2 Reduce delays and congestion
    Objective 1.3 Reduce truck volumes through downtown Versailles
    Objective 1.4 Enhance pedestrian/bicycle travel opportunities

    Goal 2. Provide for efficient and equitable allocation of public resources for transportation infrastructure improvements
    Objective 2.1 Maximize benefits of projects and strategies in relation to costs
    Objective 2.2 Strive for a geographic distribution of projects and strategies

    Goal 3. Improve safety of the transportation system
    Objective 3.1 Reduce crash frequencies and rates
    Objective 3.2 Reduce vehicular (auto and truck), pedestrian and bicycle conflicts

    Goal 4. Minimize the impacts of transportation improvements and strategies on the environment
    Objective 4.1 Avoid/minimize the impact on cultural historic resources, natural resources, farmland and existing neighborhoods
    Objective 4.2 Preserve the small-town character of Versailles and Midway and the rural landscape and character of Woodford County

    Goal 5. Recognize the sensitivity both locally and regionally of the transportation/land use relationship
    Objective 5.1 Develop projects and strategies consistent with local and regional plans
    Objective 5.2 Develop projects and strategies compatible with the regional transportation system

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