• About Us

  • Why does Woodford County need Woodford Forward?

  • Our vision is a community where public/private partnerships and free enterprise foster sustained and balanced economic growth that incorporates the value of our agricultural land and expertise through a diversity of interconnected businesses, farms, and agribusiness enterprises.


  • Our Mission

  • Woodford Forward — a coalition of individuals, businesses and organizations — advocates for innovative land use and economic development policies to strengthen, diversify and grow the local economy and nuture the power of our agricultural cluster.

  • What we do

    • Advocate for public policies and regulations that support the vision.
    • Support and promote research on cluster and asset-based economic development strategies.
    • Identify innovative approaches to sustainable economic growth based on wise utilization of community assets (land, expertise, entrepreneurial talent, technical skills).
    • Seek financial and other resources to support public/private initiatives that strengthen, expand and diversify the local food system within our agricultural cluster.
    • Convene and facilitate conversations of community members and potential partners to inspire innovation and commitment to the vision.
    • Protect the productivity of our farmland.
  • Board of Directors

  • Tom Biederman
    Biederman Real Estate Brokerage

    Dr. Nancy Cox
    Ex officio, Dean, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment

    Michael Duckworth
    Citizens Commerce National Bank

    Kyle Fannin
    Spark Community Café

  • Clark E. Frye
    NextGen Accounting LLC

    Mike Hall
    Andover Construction

    James Hicks
    HB Farms

    Larry Johnson
    General Agriculture

    Jamie Nicholson
    Nicholson Insurance

  • Maegan Nicholson
    Diamond A Farms

    Steele Rouse

    Kelly Rabinowitz
    Amsden Bourbon Bar

    Bennett Bell Williams
    The Bell Group

  • Ace Heinle
    CEO Woodford Forward

  • Community Partners

  • Bluegrass Conservancy
    Equine Land Conservation Resource
    Kentucky Thoroughbred Association